Blogging Tip: Learn & Establish Your Own Blogging Voice

Blogging Tip: Learn & Establish Your Own Blogging Voice

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You were born with, and it distinguishes you from everyone else.  It’s called your voice!

When you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night, those familiar with you know who you are without even seeing you because they know you by it.  Fact is, many people know you well enough to almost predict your reaction or even your verbal response to many situations.  They have learned your personality, and when it comes to blogging, having a voice when writing, one that is distinct, is very important.

Therefore, learn what voice, or voices, you want to establish for your blog or blogs… joking, serious, sarcastic, teaching, inspiring…whatever it is and be sure that it represents how you want your readers to enjoy your information.

Take the examples below expressing the same thing but in different voices:

The boy walked to school under the hot sun.


In the sweltering heat of the sun, the little boy trekked to school.

Do you distinguish the voices?  It should be fairly easy to do so.  One is simple and to the point while the other is descriptive, feeding the reader more visuals and emotion.

To add to this example, we can even write the same general sentence in an inspiring, more overcoming way:

Despite the intense heat the sun delivered to his skin, the boy was determined to finish walking to school.

The way in which you blog, many times, dictates your audience and keeps them informed and entertained.  Therefore, whether you have one blog or many, recognize the fact that each one of them should have a distinct voice depending on what information you are relaying and how you want to provide it.

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