BLOGGING TIP: Make Your GOAL To Increase Traffic To Your Site

BLOGGING TIP: Make Your GOAL To Increase Traffic To Your Site

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Blogging is a bit of story telling your way, whether it be news with your own spin, personalized, celebrity, fashion or just randomness because the list can go on.  The most important thing you want to create is a broader audience.  What’s the sense in blogging for years and years and absolutely no one is reading your blog but you?  That’s what journals are for.

Here is an example of my website/blog (both in one spot) traffic for a certain random time of day in 24 hours.  This count is low in comparison to other blogs that I’ve run, but as I’ve stated before, it’s not necessarily how many people come to your blog daily that makes it a success.  What makes your blog a success is that your audience is loyal and increases.

Mind you, I ran for a long time before I erased it and just plain stopped doing it.  This was my celebrity blog which brought in thousands a day.  That was much work, and I posted about over 20 articles per day.  Now, I am more focused on writing my books, so that was put on the back burner.  

For now I want to show where the bulk of your traffic needs to come from in order to increase your audience.  If you can do this, you are home free…hopefully.

The graph up top for Traffic Sources to which is my personal website/blog shows that most of my visits came from what is called DIRECT TRAFFIC (51% AT 228 visits), meaning that those people may have my site bookmarked, in their history, or they simply type in my website to arrive there.  The next highest number so far for that day is SEARCH ENGINE REFERRALS (20% at 89 visits).  The other numbers come from WEBSITE REFERRALS and REFERRING WEBSITES. 

Before the age of social networks, I would have said that the only two top ways to increase traffic to your site is through direct traffic and search engines.  Search engines are a powerful tool, if not #1 tool, to drive people to your site because it’s as simple as looking up a topic, or keyword, such as skiing and boom, they’ve arrived to your web home to fall in love with what you offer and you.  Search engines have a proven impact in increasing your blog audience…hands down.

Direct Traffic are those who are loyal to you already for one reason or another.  It is these loyal people that work for great word of mouth and sharing on your behalf.  These are fans/followers who make it a point to check on your posts all the time.

In the day of referring websites, such as social media websites, these are of growing importance now because of how easy it is to share information on such places like social media.  The more you are seen, potentially, the more you are shared, thus the more visits, and if you’re selling something, conversions.

All this to say, I don’t even post everyday on my personal website, but because I am indexed well, I can, on a low end, pull about 500 visits in 24 hours (and this could be different people each day).  It can be done.  Therefore, if you want to blog, know that you must share great information, but most importantly, you want your traffic coming from SEARCH ENGINES, DIRECT TRAFFIC and even SOCIAL MEDIA, the first and the third can grow your audience at a fairly steady rate if you put in the necessary work because these can generally be brand new people who are there because what you write about has PEAKED THEIR INTEREST.  It’s up to you to keep them interested. 

Therefore, post!  Trust me, it can happen within one year.  I’ve done it more than one time and been founder of multiple blogs.  Happy blogging!

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