Writing Tip: Contain the DETAIL Overflow of Your Story

Writing Tip: Contain the DETAIL Overflow of Your Story

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Writers have various styles, however, within that style, don’t allow an overflow of details to detract from the story. Giving far too many details about what a room looks like doesn’t move the story at all, especially if the way the room looks takes up three pages of the book. By the time the readers are finished setting the room scene, they literally have forgotten what the real story was about.

Is the story about the room or the characters that are entering the room?

Posing this question to yourself as you go over the first draft or even as you are writing your book will allow you to gain control of not boring the reader with an over-educated description of a room that really doesn’t need too much description as much as it needs MOOD. Find out how to do this, and your reader will love you for it.

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