Writing Tip: Focus On Your Story’s Framework

Writing Tip: Focus On Your Story’s Framework

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Nothing can last without the proper framework, including a story.

Before I ever start a story, I know the basic framework, or structure, of the story that I am to build upon. There are items such as organization and the makeup of the story that should be built prior to even beginning, and for many writers, an outline is an effective way to begin.

Unlike many people, I don’t utilize an outline for my stories. As a matter of fact, I never write anything down before I start writing, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t built the structure of my story in my head over time.  It’s the same exact thing, except mine remains in my head.

Therefore, if you plan on writing a great book, one that doesn’t confuse or leave your reader flopping around in the wind wondering “what the heck?”, be certain that it has the proper structure from setting, plot, and characters to make the story a real success.

Remember, the pyramids of Egypt weren’t built without first having a plan, so…


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