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Writing Tip (For the Blogger): Use Shorter Paragraphs In Blog Posts


Blogging is absolutely nothing that you have learned in school. In fact, it can be quite different than anything you’ve ever learned in English 101. Where it is generally taught that three or more sentences make a paragraph, that rule may not work well when writing for your online community on your own personal or business blog.

Web readers tend to want fast and to the point information, therefore, give them that in a way that is easy to read and far less lengthy by shortening your paragraphs or sentences, depending on the message you are trying to convey.

It is so much easier to read a blog that has shorter paragraphs versus having one huge paragraph as in a book.  There’s just something about reading digitally that works the other way around!


**The featured photo up top is of author, blogger and literary visionary Mirika Mayo Cornelius(left) and fashionista minimalist, blogger and vlogger Ambrosia Malbrough (right)**


Mirika Mayo CorneliusThis writing tip was written by author and blogger Mirika Mayo Cornelius. 
Read more about her and her collection of books,
interviews and articles at mirikacornelius.com.
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