Writing Tip – Have Your OWN Voice

Writing Tip – Have Your OWN Voice

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After being an entertainment blogger for a number of years, having interviewed reality show stars, singers, producers, other authors and those in the gospel industry, it’s fair to say that the majority of these stand alone stars became that way by having their own voice, or distinguishing themselves from others.  They may have others that they look up to, or have looked up to while growing up, but they were able to use their talents in their own unique ways as to not be branded as the next somebody but the only somebody.

That being stated, the same can account for authors – how we should all have our own voice when it comes to our projects.  Many of the most successful people in the world are in that position because they didn’t attempt to stand in someone else’s shoes, or in an author’s case, hold someone else’s pen.

All this is to say, authors, SUCCESSFULLY HAVE YOUR OWN VOICE so that it speaks loudly, beyond the words of the pages.  This, whether you sell five copies or sell one million, is a success all on its own.  Your readers will appreciate it.
Mirika Mayo Cornelius, author/blogger

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