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Have an Akirim Press Education with our unique, educational books for pre-school and grade school children. Akirim Press Education provides a host of materials to assist in bringing children up to speed academically. Select from books on learning the alphabet to numbers and even first reading books and mathematics.

(updating with more books all the time)

ABC Learn With Me!

This book covers the complete alphabet with vibrant pictures! Great for babies through five years old, this book is sure to add to the joy of learning the ABCs.

Preschool to Kindergarten (Ages 0-5)

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ABC Learn & Color With Me! is the paperback addition to ABC Learn With Me, and is complete with coloring pages for children who love to color and love learning how to color. Creativity with the ABCs is an excellent way for children to not only learn how to recognize the alphabet but fill in the colors that are missing. It’s a great starter activity coloring book for children which teaches them to pay attention to detail and figure out the smaller things.

Preschool to Kindergarten (Ages 2-5)

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Geography & History: Let’s Tour the 7 Continents will be available on September 30th, and it’s a colorful book with containing all seven continents with countries as well as exciting facts of history and geography on each landmass.

Kindergarten to 3rd grade

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What Colors To Paint My House?

Learn the primary colors and how mixing them makes other colors in this children’s story book – What Colors to Paint My House?

Follow along as the walls of the house are painted in several colors and uncover the mystery of how three colors turned into six colors with primary color mixing!

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Practice Makes Proficient ABC Handwriting Book teaches preschool to first graders how to become proficient in writing their ABCs. This book can be paired with the Practice Makes Proficient 123 Handwriting Book which will be available soon.

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